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How To Get Business Financing

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How To Get
Business Financing

The line of communication is open.

At Envision Finance Corp, we make sure the line of communication is open and clear with the client to ensure the process is swift and clear. There are generally misconceptions about the process when taking out a loan for a commercial equipment purchase or taking out a working capital loan- mostly that it is a “click of the button” process, which is the biggest misconception of them all. Below you will find a clear layout of our financing process:

Stage 1- Apply

The application process at Envision Finance Corp, unlike other finance companies, is virtually painless. Our online application takes under 5 minutes to complete. Once completed, it will immediately notify you if you are pre qualified and one of our finance consultants will contact you to walk you through the process.

Stage 2- Getting Approved

Once you are matched with your personal finance consultant and your information is verified, we submit your paperwork to our underwriters to find the best options for you. This part of the process can be done in a matter of hours or up to 48 hrs depending on the transaction at hand.

Stage 3- Approval and Terms

After receiving an approval, your personal finance consultant will contact you and review the terms and options and will discuss how you would like to proceed.

Stage 4- DOCS, Pre-funding, Funding

Once the terms are agreed on, docs will be drafted and electronically sent to you to sign with a pre-paid overnight label to return. “Docs” are all the documents that compose the terms of the transaction and clearly outline everything you’re agreeing to.
Equipment with a title can be pre-funded to suit the vendor’s and your needs. If any advanced or down payments are required, we make sure that process is discussed and and handled as hassle free for you as possible. After the last few documents are collected, the underwriter will do a verbal consent with you, and in some cases make sure the equipment is to your satisfaction before taking possession of it; then funds are released (if not pre-funded).

Some things to consider:

  • For non-titled equipment- application to funding can be done same day.
  • Titled equipment can be competed 2-7 days business days dependent on your timely effort with the documents we require to complete your transaction.
  • If a deferred payments is preferred, please notify your finance consultant. At times we can get delay up to 6 months with only a small contact payment, which is a fraction of the regular payment.

Financing Done Right

Now is the time to grow your business. Envision Finance is here to help you succeed!

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