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Cannabis Equipment Financing

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Need financing for your cannabis business? We can help!

Are you looking to finance equipment between $25k - $500K?

Are you looking for 36mo.-48mo. terms?

Are you state licensed?

Cannabis Equipment Financing

Need financing for your cannabis business? We can help! Check out all the Cannabis Equipment We Can Finance.

We know its important for your cannabis products to have only the good stuff in them. Heavy metals, mold, potency, etc. all effect your brand in a negative, or positive way; not mention can get you into trouble with the FDA.

Supercritical CO2 Extractors, Alcohol Evaporation systems, Butane, Ice Water extraction equipment; take your pick, we can finance it. We can handle all aspects of the Cannabis extraction process.

With so many new brands and different market shares, it’s important to get noticed, stay fresh, eliminate waste, and keep costs down. Match the system you need, with the one you want.

Got fields? We finance harvesters. What about hundreds of pounds of dried buds to be trimmed? We can handle trimmers from the size of a human to a whole room.

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