Part of what separates us from our competitors is our Inform and Educate first approach. Below you'll find answers to some our most frequently asked questions.

What Envision Finance’s Credit Requirements?

We work a wide variety of business, both Start-ups (< 2 years) and established (> 2 years). Envision Finance’s credit requirements for equipment/vehicle financing approval are based on many factors including the age of the business, credit history of the business and owners, current utilization of debt, collateral, industry, and numerous other factors. That being said, we work with a wide range of credit score and history (from Perfect to Poor). You can check your business’ eligibly right here.

Will applying for a lease or loan with Envision Finance affect my personal credit?

No, not at all. Unlike a bank or other finance companies, we only do soft inquires so your credit won’t take a hit. Trying to grow or maintain your business should never hurt your credit!

What rates does Envision Finance offer?

Our rates are dependent on your overall credit worthiness. We have a wide variety to accommodate business owners in any situation. Our best rates are competitive with your local bank or credit union. 

What type of Equipment or Vehicles do you finance?

We finance almost any type of equipment or vehicle–as long as its needed to conduct business operations. From Light to Heavy Duty Trucks to Charter Buses to Trailers. From Restaurant to Forestry to Medical to Construction and everything in-between. It’s probably easiest to just ask us!

Do you offer titled leases?

We most certainly do! You’ll even get a guaranteed purchase option as well.

Can I take advantage of Section 179 if I use you?

Yes, our loans and lease are compatible with Section 179–which allows you to take advantage of very generous business tax deductions.

Do you work with Startups or bad credit?

While they can be more challenging than established business, we welcome startups! Some of the most rewarding transactions we deal with are startups.

We also work with bad credit. Everyone needs a hand up from time to time. Let us help you rebuild and re-establish you credit.

What type of leases does Envision Finance offer?

We offer classic loans and true leases, $1 buyouts, EFA’s, TRAC leases, and much more.

What size transaction do you fund?

We go from small– $5,000 to very large– $500,000+.

What type of documents do I need to apply for Financing with?

If you’re applying for $250,000 or less, all you need is an application!

How quick can I get approved?

We are typically able to approve applications within 4 hours, or by the end of the day. If you apply after hours, we’ll have your decision the next day.

Do you work with small businesses?

Whether you’re an army of one or 1,000; we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Can you finance the entire transaction?

Yes, we can finance 100%, plus soft costs. 

What are soft costs?

Soft costs are items like shipping, installation, and taxes. We able to add these additional costs to your finance agreement; saving your working capital (cash).

Where do I get started?

That’s easy…just fill out our online application!

Financiamiento bien hecho

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