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We’re Not a Bank, We’re a Trusted Advisor

Established in 2019, Envision Finance empowers business owners growth by specializing in equipment and vehicle loans and leases.

Reasons to

Choose Envision Finance

Simplicity- Without the Hard Inquiry:

Envision Finance offers simple DocuSign or paper applications; plus applying won’t hurt your credit, since we only do soft inquires! The Bank will stamp your credit, require several years of tax returns, and about a hundred other financial documents.

Time Considerate:

Envision can get you answers fast, like same day fast, in most cases.. Banks can make you wait weeks.

100% Financing:

The bank usually only finances 80%- 90% of the equipment with no soft costs. Envision Finance can finance 100%, and can also finance soft costs, like delivery, installation, etc. (That means Lower Upfront Costs to you!)

No Collaterialization Required:

The bank will require cross collateral, meaning your home, your car, and your kid’s college accounts all get tied up with your loan. Envision leaves your assets alone. No Blanket Liens, No Compensating Balances, No Loaning You Your Own Money!

No Micromanaging:

The bank will require you to keep a balance in the bank, and they’ll poke their nose into your debt to equity ratio and other numbers. Envision doesn’t – we finance the equipment, without the micromanaging. (No Financial Statement Covenants)

Unshackled Credit:

Banks have low limits when it comes to loaning out for equipment purchases; meaning you’ll likely hit your capacity with them. Using Envision Finance for equipment purchases means you can still use the bank for emergencies. (Preserve Bank Lines for Working Capital)

No Nickel and Diming:

Banks are notorious for their hidden fees and “surprise” costs. With Envision, you know all the fees and costs upfront.

Fixed Terms:

Your CPA will agree a fixed term loan or lease is a lot more beneficial around tax time than a revolving line from the bank. Our EFA’s are designed to put you in prime position to take advantage of Section 179.

Consistant Rates:

Bank rates change frequently for numerous reasons. Our rates have stayed constant, even through Covid!

No Annual Re-qualification:

Unlike banks, Envision won’t ask you to requalify for your loan every year. Once your transaction funds, you’re good to go for the life of the loan or lease.

Quick Approvals. Common Sense Rates. Easy Financing.

At Envision Finance, our strength is providing small and medium-sized businesses with the equipment, vehicle, and unsecured cash financing you need at better rates, while also eliminating the hassle often encountered with typical bank loans. Our customers benefit by only completing a simple application without the need for tax returns and financial statements, and getting a decision immediately rather than waiting weeks.

We empower business owners to meet and exceed their commercial financing needs and goals by provided financial options paired with trust, transparency, and expert advice. We take an eduction first approach so businesses never go into any decision blind; then we arm them with Loans, Leases, and Working Capital at fixed rates that won’t go up with inflation to defeat any challenge they come across.

Loan or lease, Envision Finance is the smart choice for Business owners. Envision your future, apply today, and get approved:


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Now is the time to grow your business. Envision Finance is here to help you succeed!

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