Envision Finance provides your business with headache free, no surprise, large-ticket equipment financing and leasing that meets your unique needs and specific payment preferences.

If you’re looking for an equipment loan or lease over $250,000 or need better-than-standard payment terms, Envision Finance has you covered. We can get it done quickly, without hassle, and with no surprises along the way!

Envision Finance offers:

  • Leases & Loans over $250,000
  • Deferred Payments
  • Seasonal Payments
  • Specialty Industries (Farms, Medical, Dental, etc)
  • And more!!

Mid-Ticket Loans and Leases

When it comes to financial disclosure financing, we offer a Mid-Ticket Financing option that covers larger dollar amounts exceeding $250,000 and deals that require customized payment terms. Our goal is to swiftly provide you with the necessary funds while ensuring that the payment terms meet the exact requirements of your accounting department.

Step 1: Find the equipment or vehicle(s) you want from the seller you want to work with. 

Step 2: Fill out our online application from the comfort of where ever you are.

We’ll need to do some checking with the credit bureaus to determine your credit profile. In addition to that, we’ll need to collect some documents from you (you can download our quick PDF checklist here)  

Business Write-up: which is an overview of your organization. What do you do? What type of clients do you work with? Who are the skill players on your team? What’s your average ticket size? etc. (At least 2 Paragraphs minimum)

Equipment Write-up: What’s the need or purpose of this purchase for? Does it boost efficiency? How about lower costs? Cut down on manpower? etc. (Usually 1 Paragraph)

Last 2 Year-End Financial Statements and Current Interim Financial Statement.

Last 2 Year Tax Returns (unless Financial Statements are Audited or Reviewed).

Last 2 Year Tax Returns on all entities and principals owning 20+%.

Current Financial Statement on all entities or principals owning 20+%.

List of current Loans and Leases (include lender name, account number, and phone number).

Great customer service and easy process

I was able to get an equipment loan for my business. This was a very smooth process. Robert Esquivel and Nick Caputa were amazing. They were prompt, answered all of my questions and assisted in any way possible. I highly recommend envision finance for your business needs.

-Morris Godfrey | Itani Gardens LLC

Equipment Loan or Equipment lease, Envision Finance is the smart choice for Business owners. Envision your future, apply today, and get approved:


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Now is the time to grow your business. Envision Finance is here to help you succeed!

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