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Envision Finance has been dedicated to offering businesses like yours the necessary funding to purchase new or used equipment for over 5 years. We recognize the significance of quick and adaptable financing solutions, while also acknowledging your desire for awesome terms and  rates.

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Nine More Ways You Benefit

Saves your Cash Flow:

When you finance your equipment with Envision Finance, you get small sensible payments that fit right into your monthly budget; instead of a giant chuck of cash tied up in equipment. This leaves the rest of your capital free for business operations and other income producing opportunities.

Keeps Other Lines of Credit Free:

Whether it be opportunity or emergency– your funding sources (like your bank or private lenders) will remain open and available to you.

Protects Against Inflation:

Throughout the lease or loan term, your monthly payment remains consistent. However, as time progresses, the purchasing power of the dollars you pay decreases. Therefore, you end up financing your current equipment needs with money that will be worth less in the future. This is advantageous because it effectively reduces the real cost of the equipment.

Soft Costs Included:

Incidental expenses such as training, shipping, installation, and maintenance agreements can typically be incorporated. This allows you to avoid cash flow disruptions and have peace of mind regarding additional expenses.

Makes upgrading your equipment hassle-free:

You can add more equipment to your existing loan or lease if you need to hire more workers or boost efficiency. Additionally, you can use the equity in the equipment you own to purchase newer equipment, which can help you stay competitive and keep up with the latest technology. This helps you deal with obsolescence and makes your job easier.

Eliminates hidden charges:

With Envision Finance, you won’t have to worry about compensating balances, closing costs, blanket liens, or other restrictive covenants that banks may use to increase your expenses. Our approach is transparent, and we believe in providing you with clear and upfront information about all charges.

Offers Exceptionally Attractive Rates:

Envision Finance’s standard rates are exceptionally competitive, providing you with excellent value. Use our Instant Quote tool to explore our financing options and discover how we can offer you affordable rates along with the convenience and benefits of financing.

Reduces Tax Liability:

Choosing the right lease can lead to significant tax savings for your business. Depending on the type of lease you select, you may be able to deduct up to 100% of your payments, giving you more resources to invest in your company’s growth and success.

Variety of Payment Programs:

At Envision Finance, we prioritize your needs. You have the flexibility to choose the loan or lease type that aligns with your requirements and determine the length of the loan or lease term that suits you best. We work with you to find the right financing solution to help you achieve your goals.

Great customer service and easy process

I was able to get an equipment loan for my business. This was a very smooth process. Robert Esquivel and Nick Caputa were amazing. They were prompt, answered all of my questions and assisted in any way possible. I highly recommend envision finance for your business needs.

-Morris Godfrey | Itani Gardens LLC

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