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Used Equipment- No Age or Mileage Restriction

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Cash flows a problem? Don’t let it affect your growth!

Let’s face it, your business is going to have to purchase new or used equipment at some point. Whether due to breakage or a need for improved efficiency- Envision Finance is ready to provide you with head-ache free equipment leases, equipment loans, and equipment finance agreements. Our aim is to get you approved with the least amount of paperwork and time as possible. Application only can get you same day approved up to $250k! No tax returns, personal financial statements, or profit & loss sheets.

Construction Equipment Financing
Forestry Equipment Financing

Don’t get dehydrated…stay liquid!

Burning all your cash on an equipment purchase, or draining bank lines of credit, ensures only one thing…you won’t have it available when its really needed. Keep your liquidity by taking advantage of products–equipment leases, equipment loans, and equipment finance agreements–and guarantee you aren’t drying up your other resources. This way the business has the (profit-generating) equipment when it is needed, rather than depleting its resources; or worse waiting until cash is on hand. Smart businesses let the equipment benefits pay for the equipment…while their cash reserves and borrowing power work to fund their future success.

Make your equipment earn its keep!

You don’t pay an employee their yearly salary upfront…so why do it for equipment? When your business chooses to finance or lease, the cost of the equipment is spread over a multiple-year term keeping more working capital liquid to fund investments such as additional payroll or facility expansion. All companies share a common denominator—cash flow is the lifeblood of business. Even for companies with large cash reserves, financing equipment purchases makes business sense by matching cost to benefit, so cash flow is predictable and justifiable.

Farm Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing Solutions !!

100% Financing Available. No Money Down.

Used Equipment and Private Party Sellers 

Same Day Approvals and 24-48 Hour Fundings

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